Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini Pedals

Small sized versions of the Ecstasy Blue and Red pedals without the foot controllable boost and battery operation. Armed with active tone controls, sweepable mid frequency range, the familiar variac and pre ep switches as well as a new a gain mode selector for basic channel gain or boosted gain mode let you dial in Bogner’s signature amp tone!

"Oxford" Fuzz and "Lyndhurst" Compressor

The use of a Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer already transported our successful overdrive, distortion and booster pedals into the realm of magical, so it only made sense to apply the transformers unique feel and harmonic richness into a fuzz and a compressor pedal.

The Oxford is a Ferro Silicone Fuzz which is capable of subtle dynamic fuzz drive to over the top fuzz tones at any volume.

The Lyndhurst features state of the art VCA technology usually only found in expensive outboard gear in a compact pedal.

Pedals with Rupert Neve Designs Transformer

Masterminds Reinhold Bogner and Mr. Rupert Neve have teamed up to produce superb audio-effects pedals that serve up rich, buttery tones, ultra-dynamic response and a stunning three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960's.

Each Transformer is unique and specifically designed to perfectly pair with the 100% analog audio circuit of each model.

The Studio Series gives you the same sonic bliss featured with a Bubinga exotic hardwood top panel, reminiscent of the vintage mixing consoles from the 60's. Each panel is formed, sanded, layered and finished by hand.

Products in this line include the Burnley, Harlow, Lyndhurst, Oxford and Wessex.

Pedals based on Amplifier Channels

Since 1989, Reinhold Bogner’s compelling, respected and sought-after tube amplifiers have graced the stages and studios of elite players throughout the world. Based on his legendary Ecstasy and Uberschall amplifiers, the new hand-built Ecstasy red, Ecstasy blue and Uberschall pedals represent the culmination of Reinhold’s sonic skill and creative vision. Each pedal delivers Bogner’s signature amp tone, plus a galaxy of new and inspiring sounds. Bogner for your pedal board is finally here and your tone will never be the same.

Products in this line include the Ecstasy Blue, Red, Uberschall and La Grange.

The "La Grange"

The La Grange is designed to emulate the legendary British "Plexi" amplifier tones, which every legendary guitarist has played at one time or another.

An array of controls and switches, including an independent foot-switchable boost, deliver decades of Plexi tones.