Production Discontinued January 2014!

The Panama was designed for higher gain, at very low volumes, while still offering the feel of a higher powered cranked amp. The 6V6 circuit can be switched from 4 watts down to 2 and the Panama roars with high gain when the Mode switch is engaged or it can be a touch cleaner, with single-coils, when not used. Turning the 4 position Schizo switch to each setting offers even more gain and tonal control.

6V6 Class AB circuit is switchable from 4 watts to 2.

A wide range Volume pot controls overall level and a 2 position Mode switch controls volume and gain levels. This Mode switch is interactive with the Volume and Schizo controls.

The 4 position Schizo control sets the overall gain and tone structure. Settings are:

Pos. 1: medium gain mellow
Pos. 2: medium + gain bright open
Pos. 3: high gain
Pos. 4: high + gain bright open

All international amplifiers feature high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and our unique black comet tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill.