Production Discontinued January 2014!

The Palermo, formerly known as the Mojado, is available as either 18 watt 6V6 or 36 watt EL34 Class-AB power sections. The amp is filtered for a semi-tight feel with a quick attack. Perfect for modern players that feel many vintage amps are too saggy, compressed and undefined, esp in the bass.

Volume, 3 position bright switch, and our 4 position Schizo switch allows a multitude of clean, raw and rockin' tones.

Half-power switch takes the 6V6 version from 18 watts down to 9,  and the EL34 version from 36 watts down to 18.

The included Power Amp Input allows you the option to use the Palermo as a power amp only. The bright switch still functions but the Schizo switch is out of the circuit.

All international amplifiers feature high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and our unique black comet tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill.