Wound on a vintage machine with the finest quality components our 50's Vintage style humbuckers deliver clear balanced sweet cleans.
When pushed hard you will hear dynamic, articulate and harmonically rich overdriven tones.

The bridge pickup features alnico 2 magnets with an output of 8.5K while the neck uses alnico 3 magnets at 7.9K
Available as single bridge or neck pickup ($139) or calibrated set ($269)


- single vintage braided or 4 conductor wire leads

- no cover open coils, black bobbins

- raw nickel ($5), polished mirror finish ($10) or aged distressed ($20) nickel cover

- bridge pickup traditional or "trem" spaced to accommodate proper string spacing

Pickups are sold factory direct only and we try to keep the most popular configurations stock at all times! If you would like to order, please inquire to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it