Check out the new Burnley pedal demo video by Pete Thorn featuring the Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer.

The Burnley is a distortion pedal with a 100% analog circuit which delivers hot crunch to high-gain annihilation - with added tonal magnitude - thanks to a custom transformer designed by legendary audio pioneer Mr Rupert Neve. Flip the Fat/Tight switch, twist the gain, tone and level controls and transform your mortal guitar tone into fire-breathing pandemonium.


- 9VDC power-connector, 50mA or more
- Jacks: input, output
- Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer
- Interactive Jewel light reacts to your playing dynamics
- F/T Switch: selects between tight and aggressive or fat and mellow tones
- Controls: level, gain and tone
- True bypass

Optional Studio Series:

- Look and feel of the vintage mixing consoles from the 60's
- Hand formed, - sanded, - layered and - finished
- Bubinga exotic hardwood top panel

Masterminds Reinhold Bogner and Mr. Rupert Neve have teamed up to produce superb audio-effects pedals that serve up rich, buttery tones, ultra-dynamic response and a stunning three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960's.

This new line of pedals feature transformers designed by Rupert Neve Designs. Each transformer is unique and specifically designed to perfectly pair with the 100% analog audio circuit of each model.

The Studio Series gives you the same sonic bliss featured with a Bubinga exotic hardwood top panel, reminiscent of the vintage mixing consoles from the 60's. Each panel is formed, sanded, layered and finished by hand.

Here a little montage celebrating the 2015 NAMM Show with many of our old and new friends including Richie Kotzen, Art Thompson, Chase Bryant, Pat Travers, Jermaine Jackson, Reeves Gabrels and many others! Thanks to everyone for making another memorable NAMM experience for our 26th show. Dig it! Music - Burn The Sun by Los Angeles based band Spacetime. Check them out here!

Richie Kotzen is not only a ridiculously masterful guitarist but also a ridiculously soulful singer and talented songwriter. A true triple-threat, Richie has captivated audiences worldwide through his music and live concerts. Here's a montage of several of his tunes that feature our Bogner Goldfinger 45 amp. Sit back and enjoy Richie bare his soul with the notes he sings and plays!

NAMM 2015 Bogner Pedals! Oxford Fuzz, Lyndhurst Compressor and the much anticipated La Grange Overdrive / Distortion that is worth the wait! Hear them at our booth 5856  Hall B.

New Bogner ATMA video featuring Brazilian guitarist Andre Nieri caressing the clean channel and then pummeling the amp’s higher gain tones into submission! We said it a couple of years ago and we'll say it again: Andrei is one the most exciting, fresh and fearsome guitarists on the scene today and he's just getting started. Watch a true prodigy in motion.

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