Here's our 2015 LA Amp Show video featuring guitarists Rafael Moreira, Jeff Kollman, Prashant Aswani, Brian Kahanek and Jeremy Juarez tearing the roof! Featuring Helios, Atma and Twin Jet amps, Burnley, Wessex and LaGrange pedals, plus our 50's Vintage style humbucker pickups. Dig it!

New Atma head shells, made from wood, are now available in Ecstasy, Goldfinger and Helios styles! Dig it! 

alma head shells

Reinhold Bogner gives you all the details on the killer sounding Atma aluminum speaker cabinet. Go behind the scenes to see how the cabinet is constructed from a sheet of metal to the final cabinet. Plus, listen to three songs by guitarist Greg V., all recorded through an Atma amp into the 1x12" aluminum cabinet.

Dig it, Platinum Award Winner! Guitar World magazine loves our Harlow, Wessex and Burnley pedals with Rupert Neve designed transformers. Check out the review here:

Jackie Greene (The Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy) performs his song Ball & Chain and takes you on a sonic trip with his Goldfinger 45 amp and Goldfinger 2x12 loaded with a Celestion G12h30 and Greenback 25. Dig it!

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