Here's a second video featuring guitarist Prashant Aswani ripping through his Helios amp live along with his band. Dig it!

Guitarist Prashant Aswani comes ALIVE at night and crushes the stage with his Helios amp, his band, and Jose Pasillas drummer for Incubus!

Guitarist Lance Lopez plays a Helios for the first time! The raw audio was recorded with an iPhone so of course it's being crushed by the Helos and Lance but we still thought you might like to see this footage. Moments after this, Lance used the Helios for a session with blues singer Allison August for a rocking roadhouse duet of "Sun Don't Shine" - click here for the behind the scenes video of that session.

New behind the scenes video of Texas guitarist Lance Lopez and blues singer Allison August in the studio performing "Sun Don't Shine". Watch Lance burn the roadhouse down with his Helios!!!

Watch Henrik Danhage of the Swedish band Evergrey have some fun ripping through our Uberschall, Twin Jet and Helios Amps. Plus, get to know Hendrik and singer/guitarist Tom S. Englund as they speak with Reinhold Bogner about their killer music and all things Evergrey.

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