Here's a killer video montage of Bogner Custom Color Tolex amps and cabinets. Rock a piece of art onstage by ordering your next Bogner amp or cabinet with a cool custom color tolex. Give us a call for more info or ask your dealer! Music by guitarist Greg Vorobiov and was recorded with an Atma amp through our Atma 1x12 aluminum cabinet. Dig it!

Our Atma combo amps are now available in a badass Silver or Black Carbon tolex! Or you can get a classic looking headshell in three cool styles: Ecstasy, Helios, Goldfinger. The music was recorded by guitarist Greg Vorobiov (Greg V.) through an Atma head and our killer Atma Aluminum 1x12" cabinet.

Atma is perhaps the greatest bedroom to stage amplifier ever created. Switchable from 18, 5, or 1 watt settings and features 3 channels powered by EL84 tubes, plus an effects loop!

Watch Reinhold Bogner's power of telekinesis and ROCK your Ecstasy, Uberschall and Twin Jet amps with our aggressive and heavy Metal Grill option. Music by guitarist Reza Moosavi played through his Uberschall Twin Jet.

Session & touring guitarist Rod Castro builds his killer songs layer by layer using his looper, our La Grange pedal for distortion and a Harlow Compressor into our Goldfinger 54 Phi amp. Dig it!

Bogner crashes a FILTER rehearsal with guitarist Oumi Kapila as the band gets ready for their tour in support of their new release Crazy Eyes. Oumi tells us about what's going on in FILTER world while pummeling the Bogner Uberschall and Ecstasy through two Bogner 4x12 cabs!

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