New ATMA video featuring killer Lap Steel guitarist Sean Williamson. Lots of cool tones here, clean to mean with the ultimate bedroom to stage amp. Small size, three channels, 1, 5, and 18 Watt settings, FX loop. Dig it!

Go from 9 to 66 watts and bedroom volume to big stages in a small but powerful Goldfinger 54 PHI. Watch Reinhold Bogner go through it's features, plus killer guitarists Randy Jacobs and Mateus Asato showcasing the great tones possible.

T-Rex's really do exist... Guthrie Trapp is truly one of the most ferocious and respected guitarists coming out of Nashville today and he's making a new record. For more info, or help support his project if you'd like, check out his Pledge Music site. One week left!

Austin TX badass guitarist Jason Lynn gets swampy, raw and soulful with a lap steel plugged into our Goldfinger 54 PHI. Dig it!

Here's a second song from Bogner artist Rod Castro Music looping sounds with our La Grange and Harlow pedals through a Goldfinger 54 Phi. Moody, slow-burn goodness...

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