Meet our new HELIOS 50 Alnico Combo amplifier! The 50 watt 1x12 combo features the amazing and expensive Celestion Alnico Cream 90 watt speaker. This Alnico Cream speaker certainly costs more but is a great match for killer vintage tones. The amp itself is the same as our highly successful HELIOS 50 watt head but now as a vintage inspired combo. Listen as the insanely talented guitarist LANCE LOPEZ discovers a huge range of killer HELIOS tones. 


- hand wired construction
- two foot switchable channels
- plexi and hot inputs
- foot switchable FX loop/boost 
- 50 watt 1x12 combo, 50 or 100 watt head
- 50 or 100 watts EL34 power tubes
- 100 watt version switchable to 30 watts

The incredible guitarist Rafael Moreira talks with Reinhold Bogner about his brand new Magnetico release "DEATH RACE". Listen to his new music and the journey making the record, plus hear him ripping through his Bogner Shiva amps!

Magnetico "DEATH RACE" is available at:

iTunes - Magnetico Death Race

Special thanks to all the GREAT guitarists featured in our 2016 L.A. Amp Show montage. Each player has their own unique sound, feel and style, from jazz to blues to metal, and Bogner amps are the perfect sonic partner no matter what your musical style. Dig it!

Watch the raw and rootsy guitarist Nazim Chambi play our newest amp the soulful Telos. Telos is a handwired evolution of vintage blues, classic rock, and screaming modified high gain tones from a duet of tube rectified 6L6 power tubes with 40 or 20 watt settings.

Features include:

- 6L6 power tubes, 40 or 20 watt settings
- single channel with full eq and switchable volumes
- Six position Schizo switch selects various eq and gain voicings.
- Three button footswtich accesses: 2nd master volume, gain boost (preset high or low), fx loop.
- Super transparent foot switchable volumes that sound great at bedroom volumes.
- Tube rectifier for vintage feel and sag but we also include a solid-state rectifier for a tighter punchier feel.
- Tube buffered FX loop.
- Line out
- Smaller size that's easy to carry.

Bogner Artists, in their own words, tell you how inspired they feel when using their Bogner amps. Listen to the incredible Steve Lukather blaze through his Ecstasy 101B amps for the killer soundtrack!

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