Here’s a fun video of our Helios amp by Riccardo Bacchi. Inspired by our website image “Helios = Plexi Evolved” and the intro to “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, Riccardo shows us he’s King of The Plexi Jungle! Enjoy his video with great playing and tones!

Los Angeles blues musician and Bogner user Artur Menezes wins the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society Challenge and now heads to the International Blues Challenge finals in Memphis, TN. Check out his great playing here with his Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi amp and click here for more info on his website.

Here's our newest amp - the handwired Telos. Iconic classic rock and blues tones plus screaming modified high-gain lead tones. See Reinhold Bogner go over the Telos's features and then watch the fantastic Prashant Aswani, Lance Lopez and Doug Sikola take you on a journey of it's iconic tones. The second Telos video below features guitarist Nazim Chambi revealing even more killer tones and vibe. Dig it!

Features include:

- 6L6 power tubes, 40 or 20 watt settings
- single channel with full eq and switchable volumes
- Six position Schizo switch selects various eq and gain voicings
- Three button footswtich accesses: 2nd master volume, gain boost (preset high or low), fx loop
- Super transparent foot switchable volumes that sound great at bedroom volumes
- Tube rectifier for vintage feel and sag but we also include a solid-state rectifier for a tighter punchier feel
- Tube buffered FX loop
- Line out
- Smaller size that's easy to carry


Alrighty! Here's Side 2 of our mighty La Grange pedal featuring guitarist’s Doug Rappoport and Lance Lopez blazing and burning the juke joint down! La Grange delivers subtle low gain boost tones to raw and face melting plexi tones. Be sure to check out Side 1 below as well. Dig it!

Los Angeles session & touring guitarist Rod Castro creates this instrumental tapestry using his looper, our La Grange pedal for distortion and a Harlow Compressor into our Goldfinger 54 Phi amp. Be sure to check out Rod's other videos below for sweet, soulful music and great Bogner amp and pedal tones. Dig it!

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