Circuit boards look like little cities. All the different components at various heights kind of look like the skyline of a bustling metropolis. So, of course, with this demo of Bogner's "New Yorker" amp Greg V. knew right away the kind of visuals he was going for. Check it out!


Bogner Amplification debuts a new line of groundbreaking pedals. Reinhold's innovative design places an audio transformer at the heart of the circuitry in these pedals. The custom transformer adds a stunning, three dimensional quality, similarly found in Bogner's tube amplifiers and in legendary British mixing consoles of the 1960's. The result is a harmonically rich, buttery tone and feel which is nothing short of a sonic symphony. Click the picture below for a larger view.

HARLOW - Boost with bloom control

OXFORD -  Flexdrive

WESSEX - Overdrive

BURNLEY - Distortion

Bogner transformer pedals

Check out the May 2013 Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazine articles featuring Jerry Cantrell on the cover. He discusses the new AIC release and using his Bogner Fish preamp and Uberschall amp in the studio.

Here's Bogner's newest video for our Mephisto amp which features two iconic vintage style amps in one chassis, one is an EL84 and the other a 6V6. It's parallel amp switching that allows you access to each amp separately or combine them for even more sonic shape shifting possibilities. 18 watts of power and available as head or Celestion loaded 1x12" combo. Take a magical and surreal journey with the Mephisto!


The Bogner Atma amp is featured on the April cover of Premier Guitar magazine and in their new article "Wham, Bam, Thank You, NAMM!" which you can check out here.

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