Justin Derrico rippin' & trippin' through his Bogner Shiva and Goldfinger 90 amps.

Check out guitarist Rafa Moreira killing it on American Idol with singer Caleb Johnson on Led Zep’s “Dazed and Confused”. Rafa is using the brand new Bogner Helios amp plus a Goldfinger head into two 4x12 Bogner cabs. ROCK !!!

Premier Guitar stopped by our NAMM booth and caught up with Reinhold Bogner demoing the new Zero, Lyndhurst, Burnley, Wessex, Harlow, La Grange pedals and Helios amp.

AccordoTV released a video from NAMM featuring our new Helios amps and pedals. Watch Reinhold Bogner give you a tour of each product.

Here's our 2014 NAMM Show video montage. It was a special show for us as this was Bogner's 25th Anniversary for NAMM. As always, it’s wonderful to see so many long time Bogner friends and make some new ones too! Music by Bogner artist Steve Lukather. Enjoy!

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