New Helios Video Demo Coming Soon! Featuring badass guitarists Rafael Moreira, Doug Rappoport and Lance Lopez.

More great news! Helios amps have started to ship May 1st. Be assured even if you don't get your amp right away we are doing our best to get your Helios to you as soon possible. We know it’s been a long wait and your patience is greatly appreciated, and if you couldn't wait, we thank you very much for considering a Helios. ROCK !!!

Alrighty!! Check out Rafael Moreira with his Bogner Helios and Goldfinger amps crushing it with Caleb Johnson on American Idol playing Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night” ROCK!!


Badass guitarist Rafa Moreira will be featured Wens night 4/16 on American Idol for the 3rd week in a row. Hear him playing through the Bogner Helios, Goldfinger 90 amps and 4x12 cabs. Here's a quick pic of Rafa and Bogner rig at AI rehearsal. 

Killer!! Killer!! new video from Vh Glenny with our Ecstasy 20th Anniversary amp. Smoking playing!

Be sure to check out Rafael Moreira on American Idol tonight 4/9/14. He'll be using his Bogner rig: Helios, Goldfinger and cabs. Here are a couple of images of Rafael at rehearsal for the show.

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