Guitarist Jamie Kime is one of Los Angeles’s best kept secrets. Though he has worked with Jewel, Michelle Branch, the L.A. Philharmonic and won a Grammy for his work with Zappa Plays Zappa, Jamie still keeps a low profile. And that’s often the case with hard working dedicated musicians. They only come up briefly for air and water and then dive right back down into the quiet depths of their heart…creating.

And that inward creative journey has delivered, big time, with Jamie’s solo release “Alleys”. Featuring 10 instrumental songs all driven by Jamie’s incredible incendiary playing that’s equally finesse and fire. Pulsating and alive, Alleys takes you through unexpected twists and turns and unique sonic vistas you are thrilled to arrive at. Alley’s also features Mike Keneally on bass, Cliff Almond on drums, and was mixed by veteran engineer Dave Eugene Jenkins.

So that blip flying 1000 mph onto your musical radar is no UFO and is a secret no more. It’s Jamie Kime bursting onto the musical landscape lighting up the sky as he takes you through the “Alleys” of his soul.

Check out Alleys on CdBaby right here and then find out more about Jamie on his website here.