NAMM 2016 - video montage!!!

Relive NAMM 2016 with Bogner's montage video featuring many great friends and some new ones! Music by Megadeth's guitarist Kiko Loureiro!

NEW AMP!!! Goldfinger 54 Phi - video featuring Owen Barry

Announced for NAMM 2016 our newest amp: Goldfinger 54 Phi. Watch killer guitarist Owen Barry, from Tal Wilkenfeld's band, rip into a wide range of the 54 Phi's great tones.

Our newest amp, the Goldfinger 54 Phi, continues the success of our Goldfinger 45 and 90 amp line. For many players, an amp with one great highly musical channel is all they need. The heart & soul of our Goldfinger 54 Phi is a killer single channel amp, with key features that allow shaping of it’s tone, gain and feel. Go from raw and saggy tweed tones to glassy, shimmering blackface clarity plus harmonically rich chunky classic rock in a compact and easy to carry head or 1x12” combo.

The secret lies in the flexible tube array, EQ switches and foot switchable boosts. Goldfinger 54 Phi has two 6V6 plus two 6L6 tubes, and each set can be used by itself or combined. There is also a low power setting, which drops the wattage further, giving you even more control over the amps feel, compression and volume. All of these features give you lots of choices. Usage examples:

- Living room home practice use: 6V6 in low power, 9 watts
- Low volume small club gigs use: 6V6 in high power, 19 watts
- Medium volume gigs use: 6L6 in low power, 27 watts
- Medium volume gigs use: 6L6 and 6V6 tubes in low power,  33 watts
- Loud volume gigs use: 6L6 in high power, 58 watts
- Loud volume gigs use: 6L6 and 6V6 tubes in high power, 66 watts

Once you have decided on the power level you can shape the amps overall voice via the traditional tone controls, boosts and BAX EQ. With BAX engaged the amps tonal character dramatically shifts the tone stack architecture to a refined pure balanced EQ that is uniquely articulate and vintage in style.

Goldfinger 54 Phi also includes lush spring reverb and a tube buffered FX loop. There’s also an adjustable flat frequency response Line Out for routing IR speaker simulation software or running post FX for stereo bi-amping setups. For our 1x12” combo we use a Celestion Creamback 65 speaker housed in a pine cabinet for a lively vintage resonance. For superior clean tone and strength we utilize a 12 gauge aircraft grade aluminum chassis. The head weighs in at 31 pounds and 54 pounds for the combo, which is similar to the weight of a Deluxe Reverb.

The Goldfinger 54 Phi’s versatile sonic range goes from living room to stage, vintage to modern, raw to refined and could be considered the Golden Ratio of single channel amplifier design.


- Power Tubes - 2x 6V6 and 2x 6L6
- Preamp Tubes - 3x 12ax7 
- Wattage range - 9 to 66 watts
- Loudness, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls
- Bax EQ Switch - refined pure balanced vintage style eq
- Expand Switches - high and low EQ contouring
- Boost Switch - adjustable level, in front of preamp, foot switchable
- Solo Boost Switch - preset boost for a midrange punch, foot switchable
- FX loop -  tube buffered, series, 3 step send level, adjustable return level, FX trails on/off, foot switchable bypass
- Line Out - adjustable line level output, flat frequency response
- Spring reverb - foot switchable
- 4 button foot switch included (reverb, FX, solo, boost)
- Speaker Output - 4, 8, 16 ohm

Weight and Dimensions:

- Head - 31 pounds, 17” W x 9.5” D x 8.25” H  (9.75” H with handle and feet)
- 1x12” Combo - 54 pounds, 1” front angled taper from bottom to top:  21” W x 10.5” D bottom (9.5” D top) x 21” H  (22.5” H with handle and feet) 

Happy Holidays! Festival Of Lights with Doug Rappoport

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Bogner Amps! To celebrate, here's a fun holiday video featuring guitarist Doug Rappoport playing our Helios amp in a surreal Festival Of Lights! It's been a great year in so many ways and we wish only the best for each of you and sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you, the Bogner Family.

Helios ROARS! with Prashant Aswani Live!

Our Helios amp and guitarist Prashant Aswani are back with another live show experience. Sit back, listen and enjoy the ripping' tones and playing!

New Video: Prashant Aswani ripping through his Helios LIVE!

Here's a second video featuring guitarist Prashant Aswani ripping through his Helios amp live along with his band. Dig it!

Helios LIVE with Prashant Aswani and Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas

Guitarist Prashant Aswani comes ALIVE at night and crushes the stage with his Helios amp, his band, and Jose Pasillas drummer for Incubus!

Lance Lopez plays a Helios for the first time!

Guitarist Lance Lopez plays a Helios for the first time! The raw audio was recorded with an iPhone so of course it's being crushed by the Helos and Lance but we still thought you might like to see this footage. Moments after this, Lance used the Helios for a session with blues singer Allison August for a rocking roadhouse duet of "Sun Don't Shine" - click here for the behind the scenes video of that session.

Helios amp in the studio with Lance Lopez!

New behind the scenes video of Texas guitarist Lance Lopez and blues singer Allison August in the studio performing "Sun Don't Shine". Watch Lance burn the roadhouse down with his Helios!!!

Uberschall, Twin Jet and Helios amp demo with Henrik Danhage of Evergrey.

Watch Henrik Danhage of the Swedish band Evergrey have some fun ripping through our Uberschall, Twin Jet and Helios Amps. Plus, get to know Hendrik and singer/guitarist Tom S. Englund as they speak with Reinhold Bogner about their killer music and all things Evergrey.

2015 LA Amp Show video! Killer players and killer tones!

Here's our 2015 LA Amp Show video featuring guitarists Rafael Moreira, Jeff Kollman, Prashant Aswani, Brian Kahanek and Jeremy Juarez tearing the roof! Featuring Helios, Atma and Twin Jet amps, Burnley, Wessex and LaGrange pedals, plus our 50's Vintage style humbucker pickups. Dig it!

NEW!! Atma Headshells available in various styles!

New Atma head shells, made from wood, are now available in Ecstasy, Goldfinger and Helios styles! Dig it! 

alma head shells

Bogner ATMA ALUMINUM cabinet video!

Reinhold Bogner gives you all the details on the killer sounding Atma aluminum speaker cabinet. Go behind the scenes to see how the cabinet is constructed from a sheet of metal to the final cabinet. Plus, listen to three songs by guitarist Greg V., all recorded through an Atma amp into the 1x12" aluminum cabinet.

Our Harlow, Wessex and Burnley pedals get Platinum Award from Guitar World!

Dig it, Platinum Award Winner! Guitar World magazine loves our Harlow, Wessex and Burnley pedals with Rupert Neve designed transformers. Check out the review here:

Goldfinger 45 amp live with Jackie Greene (The Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy)

Jackie Greene (The Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy) performs his song Ball & Chain and takes you on a sonic trip with his Goldfinger 45 amp and Goldfinger 2x12 loaded with a Celestion G12h30 and Greenback 25. Dig it!

More Goldfinger 45 and Jackie Greene (Trigger Hippy, Black Crowes)

Let Jackie Greene (The Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy) take you on a sonic trip with Spooky Tina and his Goldfinger 45 amp and Goldfinger 2x12 loaded with a Celestion G12h30 and Greenback 25. Dig it!

Goldfinger 45 with Jackie Greene

Soulful soul man artist Jackie Greene (The Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy) takes you on a sonic trip with his Goldfinger 45 amp and Goldfinger 2x12 loaded with a Celestion G12h30 and Greenback 25. Dig it!

New Video: Uberschall Twin Jet in Metal-Mode!

The Uberschall Twin Jet is back, but this time in Metal-Mode featuring guitarist Reza Moosavi 

Shane Theriot rocking a Goldfinger with Sammy Hagar and Daryl Hall

Be sure to watch guitarist Shane Theriot tear it up with Sammy Hagar and Daryl Hall on “Live From Daryl’s House” shot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - check Palladia network for airing dates in full HD or you can watch in a low-res version on VH-1 by clicking the image below. Shane’s using his Bogner Goldfinger amp for the performance starting with Montrose’s “Rock Candy” Tearing the roof off Sammy’s Cabo Wabo Cantina!

New video: Uberschall TwinJet screaming across the universe!

NEW VIDEO!! Uberschall Twin Jet features 150+ watts of crushing super-sonic KT-88 high gain tones from guitarist Reza Moosavi. Dig it!

Jackie Greene from The Black Crowes and Trigger Hippy with his Goldfinger 45.

A little bit of Blues, Greenes and Golds... As a member of Trigger Hippy and The Black Crowes Jackie Greene knows raw soul-power. Here's a little taste from soundcheck with Jackie and his Goldfinger 45 amp and cabinet. Dig it!

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